Well I finally did it — retired!  Now what.  Well to make life interesting, we sold our house to start a new journey.  I’ve always been active.  Worked full time all my life.  Loved to do projects in our home and around our 2.5 acres.  Remodeled bathrooms, built a raised garden, dug trenches and looked for anything that kept me active. Now we are living in a small space in a campground in our new fifth wheel.  My husband still works so we are staying in the area.  This journey gives us the opportunity to focus on a dream so many seem to have these days — downsizing and enjoying life!

We went from this

House on acreage
Living on an acreage

to this . . .

Fifth Wheel
Living in a little space

Talk about a life change.  So thought I would share my experiences as I adjust to this new style of living and retirement.