Measure Twice and Buy Once

Woke up to a beautiful sunrise.  We are camped by the Colorado River.  As the sun rose, deer were walking down a side channel of the river where there is no water currently flowing and up onto a wooded area.  The river steamed on the other side of this wooded area as the water temperature was far above the air temperature of 1 below zero.  Brushed my teeth in the bathroom and went to fill my coffee pot in the kitchen.  The cold water’s not running?  Hot water running fine.  The cold water line was frozen.  Opened up the faucet cold water handle and in about 10 minutes water began flowing through.  What was different from yesterday?  It was 6 below in the morning and had no problems.  Ever hear the term “measure twice, cut once?”

Propane tank for rig
Propane tank doesn’t fit in hatch!

Well, we had purchased an extra 30 gallon propane tank in case we ran out of propane in the two 30 gallon tanks stowed in the hatches in our rig.  If both ran out, we just needed to put the spare in.  Well we forgot to measure the height and width of the opening.  Yep.  The tank didn’t fit.  We left the hatch door open so we could attach the gas line and set it on a plastic carton.  Apparently, even though the hatch is somewhat open underneath, the closed doors do provide some cold air barrier to the inside of the rig.  Think that was the culprit.  Lesson to be learned – don’t buy a tank that doesn’t fit the opening.  Oh well.  Live and learn . . . LOL – life above 5,400 feet in a space that is about 300 square feet.

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