Organization a Must in a Tiny Space

How the heck did the Swiffer floor duster pads get in the breadbox?  Ah life in the tiny house.  As tiny as it is, believe it or not, you lose things.  Bought a new controller for my Visio TV.  Had it one night and lost it.  Are you kidding me?  Have looked in every cabinet and drawer.  Believe me there aren’t a lot! Cleaned the whole place.  And, still haven’t found it.  So why would I question finding the dusters in the breadbox?  Maybe I thought that would be a good spot for them.  After all, it isn’t full to be brim.  Or maybe, they walked into the breadbox themselves.  Maybe the dogs did it.  They are so talented, but I know I didn’t teach them to do that.  Still trying to get organized even though I doubt it will ever be done.  Tiny spaces require a lot of creative space usage.  Recommendation — measure the space, figure out what fits, and find bins, racks, etc. that work for what your storing and the space you are storing it in.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll get there.  But today – it’s too cold outside to think about it – minus 6 degrees this morning.  My brain is frozen!  LOL – life above 5,400 feet in a space that is about 300 square feet.

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